Plan your career path with Careers in Progress

Careers in Progress is an independent career development company focused on helping you find the job or vocation that fits you best, and that you will enjoy because it matches your skills, values and interests.

Our business is built around the desire to support you to make the most out of life and work, by following a career path that is right for you.

Independent advice in career development & new career planning

The qualified career development professionals at Careers in Progress work with our clients to identify career options that are satisfying to them. We offer a range of professional career development services that we tailor to meet the needs of each client. Whatever stage you are at with your career, we can help.

Careers in Progress offers:

  • Career planning for younger people aged 15-30 through the First Careers questionnaires and career planning systems;
  • Guidance for individuals looking for a career change or returning to the workforce;
  • HR development for organisations wanting to implement a training and development strategy for their key people.

Start your career path with a professional career plan

Careers in Progress works with you and each of our clients to develop a realistic action plan that values your unique skills, interests, values and strengths.

Choosing, planning and implementing your career plan is a complex process: you need help, support and a clear direction. Knowing what motivates and inspires you is an important part of building a sound action plan based around your strengths, personality and circumstances.

Because our goal is your ultimate success and happiness, we work hard to get it right for you.


"Before I went to Lesley I didn’t really know what I was going to do, I had a few ideas but I wasn’t completely sure. After just one session with Lesley at Careers in Progress I have a clear direction and know what action to take to get me there."

Riley MacMillan, Waimea College

"Lesley was friendly and relaxed and she related well to Ben. The use of practical tools and activities, particularly the use of a range of tools to get different perspectives, worked well."

J A, Mother (Ben, aged 19)
Licensed Smithells® Practitioner
Licensed to use the Smithells® Career Planning System
Web: www.firstcareers.com